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Here at Seaside Legal, our focus is bringing a 21st century law practice to Cape Ann. To achieve this goal, we have instituted flat fee billing, a commitment to running a paperless office, and are soon launching online access for … Continue reading

You care about your appearance; care about your document’s appearance too.

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By: Joel Favazza The majority of established attorneys I encounter at meetings, functions, or in the court room are almost always very well dressed; suit and tie (sometimes a vest), shined shoes, leather briefcase, clean shaven—the works. The standard rationale … Continue reading

Time to stop using the same terms for children in a divorce that are used for prisoners in a jail

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Currently, there is proposed legislation that seeks to modernize the language used by courts, lawyers, and parents when discussing custody matters in Massachusetts, called the “Act Relative to Parental Choice of Terminology in Certain Domestic Relation Matters.”  While the act … Continue reading