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You care about your appearance; care about your document’s appearance too.

Posted on by Seaside Legal

By: Joel Favazza The majority of established attorneys I encounter at meetings, functions, or in the court room are almost always very well dressed; suit and tie (sometimes a vest), shined shoes, leather briefcase, clean shaven—the works. The standard rationale … Continue reading

GDT – LTE 3/14/11

Posted on by Seaside Legal

Joel has written another letter to the editor for the Gloucester Daily Times. It can be accessed here and read unedited below. I am writing today to say how disappointed I am to read that city officials have decided to … Continue reading

GDT – LTE – 12/14/10

Posted on by Seaside Legal

Joel wrote to the Gloucester Daily Times regarding Gloucester schools and his letter to the editor was featured in the Tuesday, December 14, 2010, edition. You can find it here and reprinted unedited below. I attended Fuller Elementary from … Continue reading