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Here at Seaside Legal, our focus is bringing a 21st century law practice to Cape Ann. To achieve this goal, we have instituted flat fee billing, a commitment to running a paperless office, and are soon launching online access for … Continue reading

You care about your appearance; care about your document’s appearance too.

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By: Joel Favazza The majority of established attorneys I encounter at meetings, functions, or in the court room are almost always very well dressed; suit and tie (sometimes a vest), shined shoes, leather briefcase, clean shaven—the works. The standard rationale … Continue reading

Security Deposits – Know in Advance before Paying in Advance

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When renting property (an apartment, house, land, etc.) a landlord can ask the tenant for no more than the following four payments in advance: (1) first months rent; (2) last month’s rent; (3) one month’s rent as a security deposit; … Continue reading